Bryan Bell is a Dodgers fan. So he had a good week. He’s also the designer behind NextDraft and all its associated T-shirts. He’s also, as far as I can tell, a disturbingly good parent. His latest achievement. Socially distant candy distribution. This is almost enough to make me want to start paying him.

+ “A Toronto plumber is helping to make Halloween a bit safer by rigging up an alternative for handing out candy to local trick-or-treaters in his neighbourhood.” Candy Chutes.

+ I am a proud supporter of the Center on Rural Innovation. Yes, I hate Trump. But I love America and want its small towns to thrive. And with CORI’s help, they will. Check out this awesome video: The Rural Edge: Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

+ How Taiwan went 200 days without a locally transmitted case of Covid.

+ Homeless Shelter Staff Are Saving New York’s School System.

+ San Jose Man Donates Collection of 25,000 Baseball Cards to 9-Year-Old Who Lost All Hers in Wildfire

+ Jon Stewart is coming back to TV.

+ For years, I’ve been telling my kids that Kia should upgrade its logo now that it has much nicer cars. My kids ignored me. Kia didn’t.

+ Scarlett Johansson And Colin Jost Got Married In An Intimate Wedding Ceremony. (This is a feel good story for exactly one person: Colin Jost. We’ll deal with him later.)