“As had been true at Palin rallies, reporters at Tea Party events caught attendees comparing me to animals or Hitler. Signs turned up showing me dressed like an African witch doctor with a bone through my nose. Conspiracy theories abounded: that my health-care bill would set up ‘death panels’ to evaluate whether people deserved treatment, clearing the way for ‘government-encouraged euthanasia,’ or that it would benefit illegal immigrants, in the service of my larger goal of flooding the country with welfare-dependent, reliably Democratic voters. The Tea Party also resurrected an old rumor from the campaign: that I was not only Muslim but had actually been born in Kenya, and was therefore constitutionally barred from serving as President.” In a book excerpt, Obama looks back on his toughest fight. Obamacare is still his toughest fight, and then and now, that fight is about a hell of a lot more than health care. The New Yorker: The story behind the Obama Administration’s most enduring—and most contested—legacy.