“‘Well, I think the coronavirus is a scam, first and foremost,’ declared Chris Hill, the commanding officer of the militia, who goes by the nom de guerre General BloodAgent. ‘Two, I think that watching all of the videos of people’s civil liberties being infringed upon—being arrested for sitting in your empty business, being arrested for sitting in your car looking at the ocean, having cops or security guards tasing women that are watching their kid play football—these are things that I would not suffer.’ The pandemic, Hill suggested, was nothing more than a government conspiracy to steal the rights of everyday Americans. Hill’s deputy, a man named Corey Wells, who goes by the title Sergeant Treeman, likened the situation in the United States to the rise of Nazism. ‘When Hitler took over Germany, he didn’t do it in one day. He did it over the course of time. He started taking one little right away, the next little right away, the next thing you know, you’ve got millions of Jews loaded on box cars headed to concentration camps. We’re watching that pretty much here in the United States now.'” (Yeah, Hitler was famous for not wanting his victims to breathe in any dangerous air.) This is the kind of madness we’re dealing with. And it’s not going away on November 3. And neither is the horrible organization behind all this bullshit. Alex Wagner in The Atlantic: The Militia That Fox News Built.

+ Inside the campaign to ‘pizzagate’ Hunter Biden.