I’m gonna walk down to Election Avenue, and then I’m gonna wait, and wait, and wait. Recently, there’s been no shortage of attacks on democratic values, and perhaps none is more core and more visible than the relentless efforts to make it harder for people to vote. Voters have been kicked to the curb, and in the case of the latest Supreme Court decision, kicked off the curb too. The Court “has sided with Alabama state officials who banned curbside voting intended to accommodate individuals with disabilities and those at risk from the COVID-19 virus.” And you’ve undoubtedly noticed the ridiculously long lines people have been forced to wait in. What gives? Well, let’s look at the numbers. From Vice: The US Eliminated Nearly 21,000 Election Day Polling Locations for 2020. The cuts are “driven by a heavy shift to mail voting, coronavirus-related consolidations, cost-cutting measures, and voter suppression.”

+ WaPo: “Long before Election Day, voters across the country have been lining up to cast their ballots. We sent teams of reporters and photographers to six cities — Houston, Albuquerque, Chattanooga, Sarasota, Atlanta and Columbus — to capture how people feel as they wait for their chance to be heard.”

+ If you can overcome the wait, or the concerns related to the relentless attacks on the safety of voting by mail, you enter the new sweepstakes: Hoping your vote gets counted. NYT: “Early data shows three key voting blocs that overwhelmingly support Joe Biden are most likely to have their ballots flagged and rejected. Here’s who they are.”