Bottom of the News

“In the film, released on Friday, the former New York mayor and current personal attorney to Donald Trump is seen reaching into his trousers and apparently touching his genitals while reclining on a bed in the presence of the actor playing Borat’s daughter, who is posing as a TV journalist.” Rudy Giuliani faces questions after compromising scene in new Borat film.

+ That provides a perfect segue into my look into Jeff Toobin’s Cocktober Surprise. (Who am I kidding. Anything would have made a perfect segue.) If you missed it yesterday, my sister said my work established me as the Philip Roth of our generation. That seemed a bit extreme, until I went back and looked at some of Roth’s titles: The Human Stain, The Anatomy Lesson, Zuckerman Unbound, Everyman, Letting Go, The Professor of Desire, and The Humbling. She may be onto something.

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