“Countless advertisers must pay a toll to Google’s search advertising and general search text advertising monopolies. American consumers are forced to accept Google’s policies, privacy practices, and use of personal data; and new companies with innovative business models cannot emerge from Google’s long shadow.” The US government has filed antitrust charges against Google. Google went from being a search engine that sent you to other sites to being the Hotel California—you can check things out but you can never really leave.

+ “The Silicon Valley company has leveraged the act of looking for something online into such a vast technology empire over the years that it has crept into my home, my work, my devices and much more. It has become the tech brand that dominates my life — and probably yours, too.” NYT: It’s Google’s World. We Just Live in It.

+ Why now? You might be asking yourself that question when it comes to a Justice Dept more interested in deregulating business and serving the president. Well, this Bloomberg article from June might present a clue: Rupert Murdoch Could Soon Reap Reward in His Long War Against Google.