“A few months ago, a 51-year-old woman from Michigan named Wendy Wein sent an email to a man she believed was named Guido Fanelli, the proprietor of a website called Rent-A-Hitman. ‘Got A Problem That Needs Resolving? With Over 17,985 U.S. Based Field Operatives, We Can Find A Solution Thats Right For You!’ the website promised, along with a badge touting the site’s HIPPA compliance. Wein, indeed, had a problem that needed resolving: as she recounted in her email to Fanelli, there was a man who had ripped her off for $20,000 (her ex-husband, as authorities later discovered), and she wanted him taken care of. ‘I prefer not going jail. Thank you for your time,’ the email concluded.” RollingStone: You’d think no one would be stupid enough to book a murderer-for-hire on a website called RentAHitman. Bob Innes is here to tell you people are a lot dumber than you realize.