Whether we like it or not, there are two major pandemic trends happening in America right now. First, cases are on the rise, a new wave is here, and for many states (10 of which reported their highest single-day coronavirus case counts last week), the darkest days are yet to come. Second, the administration’s unforgivably poor performance around Covid-19 is getting worse as the views of the actual experts are pushed to the sidelines by an unqualified quack named Scott Atlas, who was brought onto the Coronavirus task force after the president saw his appearances on Fox News. Thanks in part to Atlas’s influence, we have less testing, we have more people who don’t believe in the value of masks and social distancing, we have a president who still seems to believe the pandemic is over even as he travels from hard hit state to hard hit state for crowded rallies, and we have repeated calls for the deadly stupid idea of letting herd immunity send the American body count through the roof. WaPo: Trump’s den of dissent: Inside the White House task force as coronavirus surges.

+ Just yesterday, Atlas tweeted, “Masks work? NO” — an idiotic lie that was deemed false and harmful enough for Twitter to block it. At this point, the off course Atlas and his monstrous boss should just draw a chalk outline around America because they’ve turned it into a national crime scene.