The petri dish that contains the American experiment was missing a key ingredient: You. If there’s anything good that came out of this era, it’s that millions of us on the sidelines have realized that democracy takes work. Too many of us didn’t jump into the fight until we saw our bedrock values, institutions, and norms get snapped like twigs. Now we’re in it. And we’re the vaccine for the virus. But like the other virus we’re facing, the fight will be longer and harder because we waited so long to get started. Removing Trump is just the beginning. So stick around. James Carville in The Bulwark: A Crusade for Something Noble. “What this moment has done for all of us—for all those who have sat on the sidelines of history or never were presented with something that held as much gravitas—is that it has given us, for one fleeting moment—the moment we’re living right now—a sense of common purpose. Common purpose of which we will be able to recall forever: that when our country and our Republic were on the brink of collapse, when our fellow Americans needed us, we took a blow torch to our past differences, our former conflicts and our old rivalries, and we fought together.”