We spend all our time covering Trump. But there is another guy running for president. He’s currently has a double digit lead in the polls. And he’s got a message. Yesterday, Joe Biden delivered his own Gettysburg address. Take a break from the craziness and see what you think. “As I look across America today, I’m concerned. The country is in a dangerous place. Our trust in each other is ebbing. Hope seems elusive. Too many Americans see our public life, not as an arena for mediation of our differences, but rather they see it as an occasion for total, unrelenting, partisan warfare. Instead of treating each other’s party as the opposition, we treat them as the enemy. This must end. We need to revive the spirit of bipartisanship in this country. A spirit of being able to work with one another. When I say that, and I’ve been saying it for two years now, I’m accused of being naive. I’m told, ‘Maybe that’s the way things used to work, Joe, but they can’t work that way anymore.’ Well, I’m here to tell you they can, and they must if we’re going to get anything done.”