“The vagueness of the communications we’ve received so far may be intentional: in particular, the question of when and how the President was first diagnosed has become freighted with clinical, epidemiological, and ethical implications. Most reports have placed his first positive test sometime between Wednesday morning and Thursday evening.” We don’t know much about Trump’s condition, so we’ll leave it to reporters and scientists to share best guesses. Dhruv Khullar in The New Yorker: How to Understand Trump’s Evolving Condition.

+ Trained as an osteopath, Conley, who is also a US navy commander, was confirmed to the role two months later. Sean Conley: who is the Trump doctor whose updates are raising questions.

+ President Trump Is Getting an ‘Unprecedented’ Mix of COVID-19 Treatments. That Puts Him On the Cutting Edge of Coronavirus Care.

+ It’s not just the White House. It’s America: The US has reported more than 97,000 new Covid-19 cases since the news of Trump’s positive test. And, 9 states set single-day coronavirus case records last week.

+ Meanwhile, New Zealand “beat the virus again,” PM Jacinda Ardern says. (Then should she be the one on the joy ride?)