The New Yorker’s David Remnick on the two sides of this story: The Coronavirus and the Threat Within the White House: “Any ailing individual ought to be able to depend on the best wishes of others—and on affordable, decent health care. Trump can depend on both, even if millions of Americans cannot. We can only hope that he and his wife get through the virus in a couple of weeks with minimal suffering, and, with prime medical attention and a modicum of luck, there’s reason to think that they will. But, as President and as a candidate for reëlection, Trump should not count on the silencing of American citizens—on a deference that he has never shown to the people whom he swore to protect and has not. Because of his ineptitude and his deceit, because he has encouraged a culture of heedlessness about the wearing of masks and a lethal disrespect for scientific fact, he bears a grave responsibility for what has happened in this country. It will never be known precisely how many preventable deaths can be ascribed to his irresponsibility, but modest estimates run into the tens of thousands.”

+ Remnick is eloquent as always, but Claudia Conway probably more accurately reflected the mood of most Americans when she announced her mom’s positive test on Tik Tok. “i’m furious. wear your masks. don’t listen to our idiot f–kin president piece of sh-t. protect yourselves and those around you.” (This is probably the only time I’m glad my kids are on Tik Tok.)