Just when you thought America couldn’t get any more obsessed with Trump news, the president gets, and likely spreads, Covid 19 … and things reach a whole new level. The past week of Trump coverage makes the OJ trial seem like niche programming. And, as has been the case with past Trump news, there are acts of recklessness and truth is hard to come by. After being given the experimental antibody cocktail Regeneron, the president was moved to Walter Reed Hospital where he’s been given Remdesivir. Trump’s doctors say the president is responding well to treatment, but gave some confusing answers about oxgen use and the timeline associated with the illness. Here’s the latest from WaPo.

+ That’s the latest in terms of Trump as the infected. The story of Trump as the infector is just beginning. Sanjay Gupta: “According to the White House doctor, the President was actually diagnosed with COVID19 on Wednesday morning, and received experimental antibody therapy on Thursday morning — despite public being previously told the President was diagnosed at 1a on Friday. Despite being diagnosed on Wednesday, the President did not isolate or even regularly wear a mask — possibly becoming a source of spread of the virus. (I cannot believe I am writing this).” I Cannot Believe I’m Writing This would have been a better name for this newsletter….

+ We’ve had a decade of news squeezed into this week. Consider it from Trump’s perspective. The world learns you’re broke. The country finds out you’re a tax evader. You humiliated yourself in a poll-crushing debate broadcast across the globe. And you find out you have Covid 19. Trump didn’t pivot, life did. (If this story was in iambic pentameter, Shakespeare would sue.) Meanwhile, the week began with shirtless, raving Brad Parscale being tackled by law enforcement while waving a beer around in front of a housefull of guns, before being arrested and fired. And he probably had the best week of any Trump official.