Regardless of the knee jerk reactions that may take place in your unconscious (or private chat rooms), we all hate to hear about anyone getting coronavirus. But the reckless disregard and the rules don’t apply to us attitude in certain circles has been remarkable. I haven’t seen my parents’ unmasked faces or been within 6 feet of them or been inside the house with them since March. I’m guessing you’ve been under similar restrictions. Yet, those at the top consistently flout the very rules pushed by their own health experts. Just look at these scenes from the White House.

+ And look at a maskless Mike Lee (who has now tested positive) sans mask, hugging people at an event. Why does he get to hug people? There’s no hugging in Covid. This is completely insane.

+ “Attendees were so confident that the contagion would not invade their seemingly safe space at the White House that, according to Jenkins, after guests tested negative that day they were instructed they no longer needed to cover their faces. The no-mask mantra applied indoors as well. Cabinet members, senators, Barrett family members and others mixed unencumbered at tightly packed, indoor receptions in the White House’s Diplomatic Room and Cabinet Room. Five days later, that feeling of invincibility was cruelly punctured.” WaPo: Invincibility punctured by infection: How the coronavirus spread in Trump’s White House.

+ “Minnesota’s three Republican congressmen flew home on a Delta flight from Washington, D.C., Friday night, despite airline restrictions on passengers recently exposed to COVID-19-positive people such as President Donald Trump.”