What to Hear: Good Music to Avert the Collapse of American Democracy, Volume 2, is an amazing digital album with unreleased songs from Pearl Jam, Arcade Fire, and many more great bands, brought together by Dave Eggers and others. All of the proceeds from this project go towards voting rights (at a time we need them most). I just ordered my copy. You should do the same. And hurry, because the collection is only on sale for 24 hours.

+ What to Watch: Fargo has long been one of the best series on television. And the latest installment featuring Chris Rock is no exception. If you’ve missed past seasons, you’re in for a good weekend.

+ What to Read: “We pay plenty to have our hidden truths excavated by shrinks while someone else pays a PI for the very same thing. The real force of secrets resides in keeping them, not letting them go. Which is why there are professionals to pry them loose.” The great Phil Bronstein with a colorful (if you consider fog a color) look back at San Franciso’s private eyes. Last Call for Gumshoes.

+ What to Wear: The latest NextDraft T-shirt designed by Bryan Bell is the fastest selling one yet, and probably the coolest. It’s definitely the most timely. Score yours here. And check out the rest of the ND Shirt Store. (Note: I make no profit on these shirts. It’s just about my ego … and my desire that you look good.)