“The progress Patagonia has made with respect to materials sourcing is admirable, but so is its willingness to share its playbook, which includes suppliers, mills and manufacturers. A skeptic could view this openness as simply good PR — or scoff at a company divulging its secrets to the competition. But the way Stanley sees it, if other brands adopt and evolve these practices, the big winner will be the most critical player in this game: Earth itself.”

+ Brazilian pianist who hasn’t been able to play piano for 20 years has emotional reaction after he’s finally able to play again. There’s more on his story here.

+ Far fewer kids are ‘heavy drinkers’ of sugar-sweetened beverages than in the early aughts. (I’m not sure they factored in my daughter’s Starbucks orders…)

+ Expletive-Spewing Parrots Have Been Removed From an England Zoo. (Other zoo animals take note. This is how you bust out.)

+ WaPo: Food banks are removing the signed letter Trump wanted to include in every food-aid box.

+ Brothers Donate 10,000 Masks to Miami Rescue Mission to protect the most vulnerable.

+ “The two women are taking part in a global, static cycling competition that has inspired thousands of older people to cycle the equivalent of hundreds of thousands of kilometres without leaving their care homes.” Out of retirement: the care home seniors chasing global cycling glory. (This sounds great, but I have a feeling I’m going to get stuck describing how to restart the modem…)