Bottom of the News

“An analysis of monthly US Census data by the Pew Research Center reveals that a majority of young adults (ages 18 to 29) are now living with their parents — surpassing a record set during the Great Depression. These numbers have only increased as lockdown has ground on: The Pew poll says that 47% of young adults were living with at least one parent in February; that number climbed to 52% in July. According to Pew, the trend encompasses ‘all major racial and ethnic groups, men and women, and metropolitan and rural residents, as well as in all four main census regions.'” Millennials Are Trying To Shake The Stigma Of Moving Back In With Their Parents. (I’m less concerned with any stigma and more concerned that my parents keep changing the locks…)

+ GQ: How Gray Sweatpants Became the Unofficial Symbol of Fall Horniness.

+ I know less about Cricket than Ted Lasso knows about soccer, but this seems like a good play.

+ I just got my new NextDraft Let There Be Light t-shirt. It could be the best ND shirt of all time.

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