“Weissmann offers a damning indictment of a “lawless” president and his knowing accomplices—Attorney General William Barr (portrayed as a cynical liar), congressional Republicans, criminal flunkies, Fox News. Donald Trump, he writes, is ‘like an animal, clawing at the world with no concept of right and wrong.’ But in telling the story of the investigation and its fallout, Andrew Weissmann reserves his most painful words for the Special Counsel’s Office itself. Where Law Ends portrays a group of talented, dedicated professionals beset with internal divisions and led by a man whose code of integrity allowed their target to defy them and escape accountability.” (This is so much the story of the Trump era. Trump blew up every norm and those tasked with holding him accountable played by the same old rules … and still do.) The Atlantic’s George Packer: The Inside Story of the Mueller Probe’s Mistakes.