“While the loss of Justice Ginsburg is gutting and lacerating and brutally sad, her entire life and work has been in service to the idea that the rest of us are in fact capable of being allies and helpers and boosters and supporters, and also that the generations that are disconsolate tonight, for the lack of a hero, are themselves capable of stepping into her teeny-tiny, mighty, 3-inch-heeled, terrifyingly fabulous shoes and taking up the work she didn’t begin but merely inherited from those who came before.” The excellent Dahlia Lithwick (who also worked the Rosh Hashanah beat): What Ruth Bader Ginsburg Would Want America to Do Now. (RGB literally left instructions.)

+ Jill Lepore in The New Yorker: “The change Ginsburg ushered into American politics began a half century ago, and reckoning with its magnitude requires measuring the distance between now and then. At the time, only three in a hundred legal professionals and fewer than two hundred of the nation’s ten thousand judges were women.” Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the Great Equalizer.