“Troye, who served as Vice-President Mike Pence’s adviser for homeland security until late July, has witnessed the Administration’s response to the crisis, as Pence’s top aide on the White House coronavirus task force. She had seen Trump rant in private about Fox News coverage as his public-health advisers desperately tried to get him to focus on a disease that has now killed some two hundred thousand Americans. She had decided that Trump was lying to the American public about the disease, and that “words matter, especially when you’re the President of the United States,” and that it was time to speak out. She was nervous and scared and worried for her family and her career. But she plunged ahead anyway.” The New Yorker: “It Was All About the Election”: The Ex-White House Aide Olivia Troye on Trump’s Narcissistic Mishandling of COVID-19. (You know who could protect Olivia Troye from the wrath of Trumpists? Other task force members who come forward. They could protect thousands of lives as well…)

+ NYT: CDC Testing Guidance Was Published Against Scientists’ Objections.

+ Two Pharma Companies Released Their Coronavirus Vaccine Blueprints In A Bid To Regain Public Trust. (Anyone want to hazard a guess at who made them lose that public trust?)

+ Here’s a bummer. We’re more 7-8 months into this crisis, and we still can’t make nearly enough N95 masks.