“‘I was very worried. He didn’t sound well at all,’ Garcia says. She told her husband to let a supervisor know how sick he was. ‘It’s not worth it,’ he responded. ‘Let me tell you it will be in vain. They don’t give me a pill or anything.’ Five days into his quarantine, on July 19, Galvan could hardly breathe or speak when Garcia called, but he was comforted by her voice. ‘Talk to me, talk to me,’ he said. ‘I need to be listening to you because it gives me strength to continue fighting everything that I’m suffering here.’ It was the last time Garcia spoke to her husband. He died the morning of July 20.” Texas Observer: Death in Dalhart. “After a farmworker in the rural Texas Panhandle died of complications from COVID-19, his family and federal investigators want answers.” First they let the guy die. Then, “to add insult to injury, Larsen Farms’ office manager told Galvan’s family the cost of returning his remains would be $2,500 at the family’s expense.”