“It’s probably the fastest selling flight in Qantas history. People clearly miss travel and the experience of flying. If the demand is there, we’ll definitely look at doing more of these scenic flights while we all wait for borders to open.” International travel from Asia has plunged. But that doesn’t mean people aren’t boarding planes headed for other countries. It just means they don’t land there. Reuters: Travellers snap up Asian airlines’ scenic flights to nowhere. Non voyage!

+ NYT: Cruise Ships Can’t Sail. But the Behemoth Vessels Are Still a Draw. “What a beauty, what a sight,” one man shouted, as he scuttled to the front of the boat to take a closer look. (Editor’s note: Indeed!) “They’re alive, they’re breathing,” said another, pointing to the plumes of smoke visible through his binoculars. (Editor’s note: The size, the majesty!) “Absolutely stunning,” said a woman, her hand resting on her heart. “I just can’t wait to hop back on.” (Editor’s note: OK, no.)