“‘I didn’t want to continue after that. That boat was clearly unsafe,’ she said. ‘But it’s not so straightforward. It’s not like you can call an Uber.’ At the time of the second capsizing, Ditton estimated that she was 18 to 36 hours away from the nearest shipping lane, where she would need to be to get a rescue. She opted to push on toward the Hawaiian Islands.” After 86 days at sea, SF rower arrives in Hawaii. (She took one look at the news and got back in her boat.)

+ Notorious BIG’s $6 crown sells for almost $600,000 at auction. (Hey, you gotta be a smart shopper.)

+ Aerial footage shows thousands of ducks “cleaning” rice paddies in Thailand, with the flock helping to remove pests from the crop. (This is basically what it looks like when my beagles hear the word treat.)

+ And a headline that would have made no sense during the first 244 years of American history, but makes perfect sense in 2020: Maskless Man Ejected from Disney’s Hollywood Studios While Screaming Misquotes from A Bugs Life. (The man still enjoys a 90% approval rating from members of his party…)