Rebecca Schuman: There Are Two Oregons, and They’re Both on Fire. “Oregon is burning. Or, more accurately, both Oregons are, and how you feel about the president’s nonreaction to the wildfires currently engulfing the three West Coast states he won’t win reveals which one you’re in. There’s the Oregon that outsiders have seen on Portlandia, and the far more conservative one they’ve probably never heard of, whose members are scattered widely across the state’s 98,000 square miles. The only thing progressive urban Oregonians have in common with the tiny farming, fishing, and logging towns that dot the rest of the state is that they reside equally far out on their ideological branches—and they’re now all scrambling to breathe as those branches burn to the ground.”

+ “With the blazes still spreading and many homes destroyed, Oregon’s director of emergency management said the state feared a ‘mass fatality incident.'” NYT: 17 Dead and Dozens Missing in Vast Western Wildfires.

+ Horrific stories of children dying in the Northwest wildfires emerge as crews make grim discoveries.

+ Some Photos from Oregon as it Grapples With Historic Fires. The photo of the younger people on their devices against the blood orange sky captures an era.