This morning, I could hear my 12 year-old daughter’s class talking about what happened on 9-11, and at one point the teacher played this version of Bruce Springsteen’s The Rising. And I felt, for the first time, that 2020 could be turning around.

+ “For four years, not only have they picked up litter in this lot, they’ve even swept the sand then sifted it to get the tiny pieces of trash.” New Jersey man spots Ocean Beach trash volunteers on web cam.

+ Comedy Wildlife Photography awards 2020 finalists – in pictures. (I don’t trust the dwarf mongooses one damn bit.)

+ Nashville community rallies around formerly homeless grocery store employee.

+ A Black man was detained while jogging for fitting a suspect description and later offered a job with the sheriff’s department.

+ Giants’ Mauricio Dubón makes wishes come true for Honduran child. (Bonus: Mauricio’s nickname is Doobie.)

+ A farmer planted over 2 million sunflowers to provide a respite during this rough year.

+ Someone performed Cardi B’s ‘WAP’ in American Sign Language and it made the song even more graphic. (What’s the sign for I need a cold shower?)