It used to be light during the day in California. It used to be wet this time of year in Oregon and Washington. But that was in the years BCC. Before Climate Change. Slate: The Western U.S. Is Not OK. (And with both peak fire and peak hurricane season ahead of us, neither is the Eastern U.S.)

+ Fires without precedent rage in usually cool, wet Northwest.

+ “What’s remarkable is that there’s so many fires. Even as someone whose job is to understand what’s happening, it’s really hard to keep up.” More than 85 significant fires are burning across the west, where a record 2.5m acres have been destroyed.

+ “I consider myself fortunate to have never seen one from less than a dozen or so miles away. But for those who encounter them — or have to live in their proximity, and grapple with the long-term health ramifications — it is hell on earth.” Charlie Warzel in the NYT: I Need You to Care That Our Country Is on Fire.

+ Kottke: The Apocalyptic Red Western Skies Caused by Climate Change-Fueled Wildfires.