“It was an old Halloween postcard that was possibly lost in the mail. ‘I start looking at it and I’m like, ‘Okay, it’s been through some wear and tear.’ You can see just how old it is. There’s a George Washington one-cent stamp in the corner.” Postcard stamped in 1920 delivered 100 years later. (That’s it. I’m voting in person.)

+ A Miami student house party gets shut down by police. And then…

Officer: I’ve never seen this before. There’s an input on the computer that you tested positive for COVID.
Student: Yes.
Officer: When was this?
Student: This was a week ago.
Officer: Are you supposed to be quarantining?
Student: Yeah. That’s why I’m at my house.
Officer: So you have other people here, and you’re positive for COVID?
Student: I mean…
Officer: We’re trying to keep this town open.
Student: I know. That’s why I’m staying home.