It’s my friend RD’s birthday. Actually, he’s your friend too because he proofs nearly every NextDraft blurb, is my daily sounding board, and is the virtual officemate that keeps me from chucking my MacBook Air and its open tabs into the abyss. For his birthday, I’m getting him some Twitter followers. That’s where you come it. Follow RD here. (His feed is MUCH safer than mine…)

+ “All over the world, from the US to Germany to the UK, some people decide to disappear from their own lives without a trace – leaving their homes, jobs and families in the middle of the night to start a second life, often without ever looking back. In Japan, these people are sometimes referred to as “jouhatsu”. That’s the Japanese word for evaporation, but it also refers to people who vanish on purpose into thin air, and continue to conceal their whereabouts – potentially for years, even decades.” BBC: The companies that help people vanish. (If NextDraft stops arriving, you’ll know why…)

+ Jelly Belly founder to give away candy factory as part of ‘gold ticket’ treasure hunt. (So shines a good deed in a weary world.)