At least 43 million Americans (including me) are baking under record temperatures. So grab a Slurpee and read Jessica Kutz in High Country News: Extreme heat is here, and it’s deadly. (More so for some than others…) “According to a study published this year in the journal Climate, the neighborhoods formed through segregation and redlining are often the poorest and hottest, with the least amount of shade and green spaces. Edison-Eastlake in central Phoenix, for example, is 79% Latino and has a median household income of around $10,000 — a fourth of the citywide average. Many residents cannot afford the high electricity bills that come with air conditioning, and heat-associated deaths are 20 times higher in Edison-Eastlake than in other parts of Maricopa County.”

+ Most of the hottest areas will get some relief by Tuesday, but none quite like Denver, where the weather will go from nearly 100 degrees on Monday to a snowstorm on Tuesday. (Given that it’s 2020, I’m not sure I’d wanna stick around and see what’s coming Wednesday.)