“The man being sought for the fatal shooting of a right-wing activist during clashes in Portland last weekend was killed on Thursday night as federal officers attempted to take him into custody, authorities said. Michael Forest Reinoehl, a 48-year-old self-described professional snowboarder who had said on social media that he was ‘100% ANTIFA all the way,’ was shot dead in Lacey, north of Portland, where he was said to be hiding out.” The Suspect In The Deadly Shooting In Portland Was Killed As Officials Tried To Arrest Him.

+ “For the purposes of this article, when we refer to the militia movement, we are referring to an umbrella term that encompasses paramilitary activists and groups with strong anti-government leanings. But beyond that, modern militias are hard to explain and categorize — what even counts as a militia is up for debate. One thing is for sure: There is no one militia — not in Kenosha that night and not anywhere in the country.” FiveThirtyEight: How Trump And COVID-19 Have Reshaped The Modern Militia Movement. (Maybe we should call them what they are: Armed gangs.)