After Donald Trump encouraged supporters in North Carolina to both mail in ballots and vote in person, the state’s Board of Elections issued a statement Thursday telling voters it is illegal to vote in an election twice. “It is illegal to vote twice in an election,” said Karen Brinson Bell, executive director of the North Carolina State Board of Elections. Bell said state law made it a ‘Class I felony’ for a voter, “with intent to commit a fraud to register or vote at more than one precinct or more than one time … in the same primary or election. Attempting to vote twice in an election or soliciting someone to do so also is a violation of North Carolina law.'” Seriously, at this point, what’s one more Class I felony?

+ When asked about Trump’s comments, Enabler General William Barr “said he didn’t know the specifics of the state’s voting laws — and then agreed with Trump’s claims that states that are moving to vote by mail are enabling voter fraud.” He also made up some stuff about Jacob Blake and backed up the conspiracy theory about the imaginary people dressed in black flying around on planes to create chaos. (60 days until the election).

+ Joe Biden began a visit to the battleground state of Wisconsin on Thursday by meeting with the family of Jacob Blake.