“No checks and balances can redeem what we’ve unleashed. The reality is that half of the voters chose white supremacy, though saying that makes me a hypocrite. I was a much more extreme partisan than a vast majority of Trump voters and I never would have recognized that label.” If you’re surprised that President Trump refuses to publicly mourn the deaths of black victims of police violence but defends militia members who ride pickup trucks into different towns to shoot people dead, then you really haven’t been paying attention. It’s a good time to look back at Derek Black’s 2016 NYT Op-Ed: Why I Left White Nationalism (When he left, Trump was just getting settled in.)

+ Nick Saban leads Black Lives Matter march in Tuscaloosa. (These days can be painful and depressing. But don’t miss the good stuff. In 2020, everyone has to pick a side, and in many, many cases, the tide is rolling in the right direction…)