“The New Guinea Singing Dog, a dingo-like animal with a unique howling style, was considered extinct in the wild. But scientists reported Monday that the dogs live on, based on DNA collected by an intrepid and indefatigable field researcher.” NYT: Singing Dogs Re-emerge From Extinction for Another Tune. (Having returned in 2020, they sound just about how you’d imagine.)

+ Bloomberg: “Fast-food giant McDonald’s Corp. on Monday responded to a long-held myth that its burgers do not rot, saying its food would decompose in ‘the right environment.'” (What they didn’t say is that the right environment is an asteroid hitting Chernobyl, with just a hint of coal power plant wastewater.)

+ Following rumors on Twitter (that the administration blamed on the media), the president’s physician released a statement indicating that the potus did not have a stroke and that he “remains healthly.” Perfect. 180,000 dead Americans and Trump thinks we’re worried about his health.