“A man was seen with a gunshot wound lying motionless on the ground in the downtown area near where the opposing groups had clashed, and where mace had been deployed. He was wearing a hat that said ‘Patriot Prayer,’ the name of a far-right group based in the Portland area. The stated aim of Patriot Prayer, organized in 2016 to bring pro-Trump rallies to liberal bastions, is to ‘liberate the conservatives on the West Coast.'” WaPo: One person shot dead in Portland following clashes between pro-Trump supporters, counterprotesters.

+ Needless to say, the Potus saw the fire as an opportunity to pour some gasoline, to the tune of about 90 tweets. “‘The big backlash going on in Portland cannot be unexpected after 95 days of watching and incompetent Mayor admit that he has no idea what he is doing,’ Trump tweeted in response to one such video posted by New York Times reporter Mike Baker, who wrote that the Trump supporters ‘shot me too.'” (Trump began his presidential campaign on an escalator and he’s been escalating things ever since.)

+ “When law enforcement reacts leniently to far-right militant organizations, those groups tend to believe any violence on their part is authorized, says Michael German, a retired FBI agent who spent months in the early 1990s working undercover among white supremacists and right-wing militants. Consistent leniency, he told me, ‘has created a monster that’s going to be hard to contain.'” The Atlantic: The Violence Could Get Much Worse.

+ Slate: A Conservative Student Group at ASU Is Raising Money for Kenosha Shooter. “The group, which is not part of the main ASU College Republicans, described the accused murderer as a ‘community volunteer’ and a ‘citizen who attempted to help in a city of chaos.'”

+ Meanwhile, Trump plans to visit Kenosha on Tuesday. (You might want to scroll back up and re-read the love story…)