“In a spate of exchanges that have spanned from Kalamazoo, Mich., and Bloomington, Ind., to Chicago and Portland, Ore., people on both sides of the United States’ political and cultural divide have been filmed exchanging punches, beating one another with sticks and flagpoles, or standing face-to-face with weapons, often with police appearing to be little more than observers.” WaPo: U.S. political divide becomes increasingly violent.

+ The Kenosha shooting suspect was in the front row of a Trump rally in January.

+ The George Floyd killing shook the nation. The Jacob Blake shooting, and the Kyle Rittenhouse murders, may provide a more informative look at how we discuss different crimes, perpetrators, and victims. The Guardian: Vigilante, volunteer, terrorist: how the US media covers Kyle Rittenhouse.

+ Jacob Blake’s family says he is handcuffed to his hospital bed. (He was the victim. Also, he’s paralyzed.)