D’Amelio and Behold

“D’Amelio was 14 years old, living in Connecticut and pursuing competitive dance. She posted her first video — a sweet, silly lip-synch — in March of the following year. Then she (and her entire family) became absurdly famous. From her first TikTok to the interview for this story, D’Amelio’s following swelled to nearly 100 million across her social media platforms.” Charli D’Amelio Is the Most Famous Person in the World. (That might be an overstatement, but she’s definitely the most famous person in my twelve year-old daughter’s world.)

+ Will either Charli or my daughter be as psyched about Tik Tok if it’s owned by Walmart and Microsoft? (At least they’ll have heard of those brands. It could still be Oracle, and that company is, like, so databasic.)

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