“Two fires that sparked this week have quickly burned hundreds of thousands of acres this week, and quickly joined the top-five largest wildfires in California history.” I live within earshot of SF’s fog horns. This week, they’ve become smoke horns. Raging Bay Area wildfires now among top-5 largest in California history.

+ “Beginning late last year, in what is already known as [Australia’s] Black Summer, bushfires burned through 46 million acres, or 72,000 square miles; killed several billion animals, pushing a number of species to extinction or the brink of it; flooding Sydney with air so thick with smoke ferries couldn’t navigate its harbor and fire alarms in office buildings rang out … The situation today in California isn’t yet quite as grim, although this week CalFire advised every citizen of the state — all 40 million of them — to be prepared to evacuate.” NYMag: California Has Australian Problems Now.