One of the least confusing aspects of the Covid-19 is that masks save lives. According to the latest polling, “if there were a national mandate requiring people to wear masks in public places, 74% of Americans would support it.” The anti-mask militias humiliating themselves and America are not among those 74%: The New Yorker: The Militias Against Masks. “Most militia members I met subscribed to a version of constitutional fundamentalism that is inseparable from their Christian faith. The only legitimate role of government, they believe, is the protection of individual liberties vouchsafed to humanity by God. Plenty of mainstream Republicans share this philosophy, and during the pandemic they have struggled to reconcile it with the need to manage a public-health catastrophe.” (This helps explain why god would never get within six feet of these people.)

+ Coronavirus Cases Drop 46% In Parts Of S. Carolina With Mask Mandates Compared To Areas Without.