“Sharing the details about where we’ve traveled has always been a way to transmit our values, tastes and means — look no further than the postcards of the 19th century or the Kodak carousels of the 1960s and 70s. Then came Instagram, a decade ago, to turbocharge the practice. And while technology has made it easy to keep up with loved ones during this period of physical distance, there is one topic being withheld from conversations and hidden from social media: vacations. For a variety of reasons related to the pandemic, some travelers are content to let the tree fall in the forest, so to speak, without a single soul around to hear it.” NYT: Shhh! We’re Heading Off on Vacation. (Hey, anything that makes you share less on social media seems like a net positive…)

+ “Her GPS warned her she should not proceed with the type of vehicle she was driving … The occupants on the bus convinced her to proceed, which she did.”