Blown Off

“In Linn County, where I live, 79 percent of people are without power, still, three days after the disaster. Cell service is spotty, where it exists. The few gas stations and grocery stores with power only take cash. And good luck getting cash from your bank, which is most likely closed. Even if you have the money, lines snake around the gas stations, two hours long or more, and the grocery stores are chaos. A citywide curfew exists. You can see the Milky Way from the darkened downtown.” Lyz Lenz in WaPo: An inland hurricane tore through Iowa. You probably didn’t hear about it. Part of it is the coastal bias of big media. Part of it is the slow, steady death of local newsrooms. And part of it is our narrowed national news focus that often limits coverage to the one big story that has dominated our attention for nearly four years.

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