“‘He’s mentally ill,’ says a West friend. ‘When you have people around him who have the best intentions and don’t need anything from him, you can steer him when he’s in that space into a positive place. When you have people around him who see him as an opportunity, they create a very, very bad scenario.'” Forbes: Inside Kanye West’s almost daily conversations with Jared Kushner.

+ Group working to get Kanye West on state ballot to ‘help Trump.’

+ “CNN has learned Woodward did hundreds of hours of interviews with other first-hand witnesses, and according to his publisher, obtained ‘notes, emails, diaries, calendars and confidential documents’ including 25 personal letters between Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.” The next Bob Woodward book on Trump, titled Rage, should sell a few copies. (But unless it’s a picture book, it probably won’t make much difference.)