Joe Biden’s selection of Kamala Harris as his running mate creates the perfect matchup: The Prosecutor vs the Criminals. But it’s more than that. Kamala is a strong woman. Kamala is Black. Kamala is Asian. Kamala believes in laws and institutions. Kamala is everything Trump hates. If we’re gonna have a vote about America, let’s have it. And since Trump’s false attacks on Biden haven’t worked very well, you should be prepared for relentless barrage of attacks on Harris. Kamala D. Harris named as Joe Biden’s running mate.

+ “Biden’s selection of Harris has lent his campaign a thematic clarity that it didn’t have before. In a year of calamities whose effects have been especially painful in Black communities—the coronavirus pandemic, massive unemployment stemming from enforced shutdowns, and the police killing of George Floyd, in Minneapolis—each of the signal moments of Biden’s campaign has concerned the legacy of the civil-rights movement.” The New Yorker: Kamala Harris Gives New Meaning to the Biden Campaign.

+ FiveThirtyEight: Here’s What It Means For The Election And Beyond.

+ WaPo: Inside Biden’s unusual VP pick process: Tough questions, 11 finalists and many lawyers.

+ An excellent piece on Kamala Harris from Phil Bronstein in 2018: Big Ambition.