“You can — and should — eat popcorn in bed at this one-of-a-kind Airbnb. Located in Bend, Oregon, this rental has everything: a sofabed, free snacks, a VCR and a big TV. Yes, you can sleepover at the world’s last Blockbuster video store.” (It’s a nice chance to unwind, and rewind.)

+ The NYT: When Bugs Crawl Up the Food Chain: “When the frog makes its move, the beetle turns the tables. It jumps onto the amphibian’s head and bites down. Then it drinks its would-be predator’s fluids out like a froggy Capri Sun. We tend to think of food chains moving in one direction: Bigger eats smaller. But nature is often not so neat. All around the world, and maybe even in your backyard, arthropods are bodying vertebrates and gobbling them up.” (I’m guessing that during a viral pandemic, few will be surprised that small things can often knock out big ones.)

+ “On Sunday, Pinard said he visited a local bar but left after people there were participating in a ‘sneeze contest.'” Sturgis motorcycle rally attendees lounge in bikinis, pack into bars, and mock mask wearers.