In an effort to reverse the current trend in college football, Mike Pence, head of America’s Coronavirus Tweet Force posted the following: “America needs College Football! It’s important for student-athletes, schools, and our Nation. These Great athletes have worked their whole lives for the opportunity compete on the college gridiron and they deserve the chance to safely get back on the field!” Yes, they do. But the issue isn’t whether they’ve worked hard enough, it’s whether the administration has. In sports, all that matters is what’s on the scoreboard. You can’t lose yardage on every play and get the win just because you raise your hands in victory and dump a bucket of Gatorade on your coach. You can’t come from behind on a last second field goal when you’ve spent the entire game on the sidelines insisting it’s a hoax. Or as my high school football coach used to say, you can’t make chicken cacciatore out of chicken shit. The way to have college football back is the same way to have everything else we want back. Lock it down for 6 weeks. Beat this damn thing. And get back to living. In the meantime, the crowd is doing the wave, but it’s not the right kind of wave.

+ “Of all the hurdles impeding a 2020 college football season, there is one roadblock that has gone mostly overshadowed, buried beneath the other more prominent obstacles, such as testing, travel, a bubble-less college campus and quarantine requirements. That hurdle? The heart.” SI: Cardiac Inflammation the Next Virus Hurdle for College Leaders.