As schools resume, either online or off, we’re getting more data about kids and coronavirus. “A report from leading pediatric health groups found that more than 97,000 U.S. children tested positive for the coronavirus in the last two weeks of July, more than a quarter of the total number of children diagnosed nationwide since March. As of July 30, there were 338,982 cases reported in children since the dawn of the pandemic.” While the positive cases are going up, kids still are much less likely than adults to experience serious symptoms. That said, there’s a lot we don’t know, and summer is drawing to an end. WaPo: As schools reopen, much remains unknown about the risk to kids and the peril they pose to others.

+ Meanwhile, a tale from Georgia: North Paulding High School opens. Student shares photo of crowded hallway. Principal suspends student. Public outcry. Principal un-suspends student. 9 teachers and students test positive. School moves to online learning. Please write, “Covid-19 doesn’t care what you think” a hundred times on the chalkboard.