“Among the sick JBS employees was Bienvenue Chengangu, 34, a refugee from Congo. He fears he brought the virus home to his mother, causing her death. ‘The decision to keep the company open was a bad decision, and it means the government is also contributing to the damage that’s been done,’ Chengangu, who cut brisket for the plant until the outbreak, told The Washington Post through an interpreter. “They knew how hard it was for people to work safe, yet we continued.'” WaPo: He fled Congo to work in a U.S. meat plant. Then he — and hundreds of his co-workers — got the coronavirus.

+ “The first known COVID-19 death of a prisoner was in Georgia when Anthony Cheek died on March 26. Cheek, who was 49 years old, had been held in Lee State Prison near Albany, a hotspot for the disease. Since then, at least 804 other prisoners have died of coronavirus-related causes. By Aug. 4, the total number of deaths had risen by 5 percent in a week.” The Marshall Project with a State-by-State Look at Coronavirus in Prisons. “By Aug. 4, at least 86,639 people in prison had tested positive for the illness, a 10 percent increase from the week before.”