“Any covered individuals — whether players or club staff — who are found to have repeatedly or flagrantly violated the protocols, including refusing to wear a face covering when required and reminded to do so risks being prohibited from further participation in the 2020 season and postseason.” Baseball is America’s pastime. And its other pastime is not wearing masks when required.

+ NPR: Wearing A Mask Could Be Even More Important Than We Thought. It protects others from you. It might also mean that if you get Covid, it will be a more mild case.

+ Speaking of Covid, masks, and symptoms… yesterday’s email edition of was missing the link for the NYT interactive, Could My Symptoms Be Covid-19? (I just didn’t want you to worry…)

+ “As part of the standard protocol to greet President Trump on the tarmac in Cleveland, I took a COVID test. I tested positive. I have no symptoms at this time. I’m following protocol and will quarantine at home for the next 14 days.” Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine tests positive for coronavirus.