Swan Dive

While cruising the internet for news this morning, I saw a bunch of headlines like, The Five Craziest Moments From the Trump Axios Interview or Nine Things You Have To See From Jonathan Swan’s Trump Interview. They’re all fake news. You really have to watch it all and ask, how could this have happened? And why don’t more reporters push back on the falsehoods like Chris Wallace and Jonathan Swan did? And how many times is Trump going to wish Ghislaine Maxwell “well?”

+ “Right now, they don’t have any rights, unless we give it to them … The United States should be reimbursed or paid a substantial amount of money, because without the United States they don’t have anything.” The bizarre shakedown of a potential Tik Tok deal. (I’m worried about Tik Tok, but I’m 10x more worried about the misinformation on Facebook.)

+ In order to be enabled, one needs enablers. MG Siegler: Microsoft Sells Its Soul To Buy TikTok.

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