I’m guessing that comfortable, ergonomic chairs will prove to be one of the biggest selling products of the pandemic. Now, there seems to be a trend where people are tricking out their desk chairs with rollerblade wheels. (Why? The short answer is that we care a lot more about our own floors than the ones at our offices.)

+ It’s still not too late to get your Fyre logo gear. Fyre Festival Merch Seized by U.S. Marshals Hits the Auction Block.

+ “Producers in France’s eastern Champagne region, headquarters of the global industry, say they’ve lost an estimated $2 billion in sales for this year, as turnover fell by a third — a hammering unmatched in living memory, and worse than the Great Depression.” Champagne losing its fizz as global pandemic clobbers sales. (Keep it on ice. We’ll make up for it in November.)

+ “Money laundering is not a good idea, as a South Korean found out when they put banknotes in a washing machine to remove possible traces of the coronavirus.” Officials say the loss was considerable. (It’s not a total loss. I hear Trump org is hiring…)