Yale’s Timothy Snyder in WaPo: “A fascist guide to commentary on elections would have eight parts: contradict yourself to test the faith of your followers; tell a big lie to draw attention from basic realities; manufacture a crisis; designate enemies; make an appeal to pride and humiliation; express hostility to voting; cast doubt on democratic procedures; and aim for personal power. Trump achieves all eight with admirable concision in this one tweet.”

+ The New Yorker: Trump Is the Election Crisis He Is Warning About.

+ There are misleading tweets, and then there are the real moves behind the scenes: Postal Service backlog sparks worries that ballot delivery could be delayed in November, and, Pending Postal Service Changes Could Delay Mail And Deliveries. (Interesting time for the newly Trump-appointed Postmaster General Louis DeJoy to making big changes to the organization…)

+ “In the end, the Department of Justice and others will make that legal determination.” Mike Pompeo, who knows the law, wouldn’t state the law.